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Ainara López | theatrum phonosophicum

10.04.2022 @ 19:00 - 21:00

• 10.04.2022, 19:00
• Sergey Parajanov Museum
• For more info: +374 538473

Ainara López
“Interventions on memory”
(Cartographies of the souvenir)

Asnamus (Hommage to Sergey Parajanov)
Sound collage by Theatrum Phonosophicum
(Leopoldo Siano & Shushan Hyusnunts)

This improvisation is part of a work in a progress project called “Cartographies of the souvenir” where I create poetic maps of my own memories by reappropriating someone else’s memories.
This time I came to Armenia to research Parajanov, the great maestro I have been so fascinated with for years. By wandering the streets of Yerevan, hearing different stories, and by meeting his memories, I am able to explore old souvenirs that come through the souvenirs from others. Souvenirs are linked to spaces, desire, magic, death, and life…
This improvisation which I would like to entitle “Nigyar” or the “Loss” is also about my own relation to what I deeply loved and one day disappeared.
What remains of the past?
Traces in space, invisible sparks of light, the shadows of old ancestors…
(Ainara López)
(about sound collage “Asnamus”)
The most important thing is the frame.
The films of Parajanov are fantastic assemblages of images, sounds, and hermetical actions.
The power of imagination can transmute also “garbage”.
The magic of collage.
Great surrealistic polyphonies (almost kitsch and almost sacred), beyond traditional logic.
Sergei Parajanov besides Kurt Schwitters, Giuseppe Zevola, Pierre Schaeffer, and other eccentricities.
(theatrum phonosophicum)


19:00 - 21:00
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